How to Apply

Chicago Prize 2022 invites proposals beginning February 15, 2022 from community teams with a compelling vision for how investments in the built environment can create lasting economic impact and build wealth for their neighborhood.


Request for Applications

Chicago Prize 2022 will be administered through a two phase process, starting with an open call for applications from February 15, 2022 to March 1, 2022 through an online portal.

The first step to apply is completing the Self-Assessment document to verify your eligibility and consider the alignment of your project with Chicago Prize 2022’s goals.

Next, plan to participate in an upcoming webinar (register below), watch the Practitioner Perspectives, and begin to review the materials below as you develop your proposal:

Check back often for updates. Please be sure to sign up below for key updates, announcements, and to be notified when the Chicago Prize 2022 application portal opens. Questions can be sent to with the subject line “Chicago Prize 2022 Application Questions”.



Review the resources below to learn about leading strategies for economic impact and community wealth building. Check back often for updates and additional materials.


Applications to Chicago Prize 2022 will be reviewed based on Chicago Prize’s core criteria – Team, Impact, Feasibility, and Leverage — by the Chicago Prize 2022 Advisors.

Check out the Practitioner Perspectives to hear from leading experts on how to apply these criteria to shape your applications and initiatives.


  • Does the team have the community-based leadership, development expertise, and program partners needed to successfully implement the proposed initiative?
  • Is there evidence of strong community involvement in the initiative’s development and operations?
  • Is the team leadership credible in the community and capable of leading this effort?


  • Will this initiative create significant and sustained economic impact in and for the community?
  • Will this initiative be catalytic in attracting additional investments in the neighborhood?
  • Does the community lead, its designees, or others in the community have an equity stake in the project or other path to wealth creation?


  • Does the team provide a credible plan for designing, funding, and managing successful construction of the project(s)?
  • Will the project be financially self-sustaining?
  • Is the lead project “investment-ready”?


  • Does the initiative effectively leverage the Chicago Prize grant to attract additional public and private investment?
  • How does the initiative leverage other investments in the community?



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