Austin – The Aspire Initiative: Building A Stronger Cradle-to-Career Pipeline in Austin

Aspire builds on the momentum of the Austin Quality-of-Life Plan to create four investments strategically clustered around existing assets in an area bound by Madison, Chicago, Central, and Laramie Avenues. These investments will result in:


  • A state-of-the-art early learning, health and recreation center.

  • A vibrant neighborhood high school filled with students.

  • An economic hub that connects low-income residents with real economic opportunity.

  • 60 units of new affordable housing for purchase so that low-income residents have an opportunity to build wealth.

Led by Donnita Travis, Darnell Shield, and Morris Reed, the Aspire Initiative is part of a collective vision for a powerful and highly collaborative community with the capacity to create a high-quality cradle-to-career educational system and a revitalized economy by and for Austin residents. These investments and the activity they catalyze will address low education outcomes, rising rates of poverty, and lower rates of homeownership in Austin.