Englewood – Go Green on Racine: An Englewood Rising Project

Built on the community vision and aligned with Englewood Quality-of-Life Plans, Go Green on Racine is a cutting-edge initiative to develop a thriving green node in the heart of Englewood with, by and for residents. Located around the 63rd & Racine intersection that connects Englewood and West Englewood zip codes 60621 and 60636, strategically close to the 63rd bus corridor and the closed Racine Green-Line Station, it will introduce three capital assets:


  • A Fresh Market Co-operative.

  • A mixed-use development of 12 residential units, E.G. Woode’s business incubator, and 24/7 coworking facility, and food retail.

  • A hyper-local recycling enterprise repurposing the vacant Woods Academy.

Led by Rami Nashashibi, Asiaha Butler, and Cecile Demelo, the project is intended to bolster community ownership, food access, holistic development, job creation, and local entrepreneurial activity, and transform the intersection into a green node of development along the East-West and North-South corridors. It will generate 55 permanent living-wage jobs; train and certify 120 returning citizens, young men and women navigating cycles of violence, and Englewood residents in the construction trades and green roofing technology; and support five local businesses annually.

In five years, it aims to create the momentum, density, and public/private investment that will lead to the re-opening of the Racine Green-Line Station.