South Chicago – We’re Steel Here: Working Together to Reinvigorate South Chicago

South Chicago is in the midst of creating a community focused project that will reinvigorate our neighborhood. The reminder of the economic devastation from the exodus of South Works in 1992, a once global provider of steel, is realized in every closed business and abandoned home. For too long, South Chicago has laid dormant as a forgotten community. Now we are taking action to create opportunities as we work to strengthen our diverse neighborhood. We will no longer accept decisions that are made at the expense of our assets. We will align ourselves with strategic priorities that champion our success.

Today, our plans will incorporate our local waterfront and business corridors connecting to Commercial Avenue, leveraging prime thoroughfares that embrace transit-oriented development and green technologies that make use of existing resources.


  • A 78-unit affordable housing development with a quality grocery store.

  • A redeveloped wellness center with a business incubator.

  • Two athletic facilities.

  • A performing arts center and natural play space.

Led by Angela Hurlock, these projects will make use of the nearby South Chicago Metra Line and six other CTA bus connections to re-ignite the area. We are creating a spark for our built environment, housing portfolio, and workforce development opportunities in three to five years, while bolstering in long-term sustainable efforts that vastly improve economic development and health outcomes.