Our Values

It should not matter if you were born on the Southside, Westside or Northside of Chicago. Everyone should have the opportunity to earn and thrive, but that is not always the case. The neighborhood in which one is born or lives significantly affects opportunities in life. We believe economic opportunity should be available for everyone, so we seek to create more opportunity across the city. Every partnership we build, and investment we make, is driven by the following values:

  • Connect Deeply

    We embrace partnerships and welcome opportunities to collaborate on promising efforts that could yield positive outcomes for families in Chicago. We seek to learn from the insights and experience of others to advance our Foundation’s mission.

  • Act with Care

    We value every person’s unique perspective, experience, and contribution. We approach each relationship and investment with integrity, humility, and respect. We act after carefully considering the potential impact of our participation.

  • Take Thoughtful,
    Bold Risk

    Since complex problems require bold solutions, we support strong leaders, ideas, and initiatives that have the potential to be transformative or disruptive. We take calculated risks to seed a new approach or scale a promising idea.

  • Learn and

    Communities continue to change and evolve. We stay informed and engaged in order to be responsive. We prioritize continuous learning and evaluation so that the Pritzker Traubert Foundation, our grantees, and our partners can improve over time.